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Hello. My name is Raj and I worked as an I.T. Support Engineer at various companies from 1999-2017. I realized my future in I.T. would be limited, especially since kids came along and time to study just disappeared. I was getting burned out after 10 hour days in the office and began to wonder how long I could continue in that line of work. The grind of being in the office everyday was wearing me out, and I decided I needed a change. I wanted to take my life and future into my own hands. I had been interested in trading for many years and I began to wonder if I could take a small amount of money and trade it with decent results..

With interest rates being on the floor, my original aim was to simply beat the banks interest payment. Five thousand pounds in my savings account was paying me a whopping £1 a month (as of July 2016). This was gonna take some beating but I was sure as hell gonna give it a go!.

So I opened up a trading account and funded it with £1000 of my hard earned money. I'd dabbled in trading a few times but never really took it seriously, but this time the lure of full time trading had taken hold.

Within a month, my £1000 had grown to £1510. That's a 50% return in one month compared to a 1% return in one year with the banks. Not too shabby!

I'll be posting results up on the blog page regularly so pop back every now and then to see how I'm doing!

So as not to sound too vulgar, I'll only mention percentages from here on in instead of actual pounds.

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First day of the month

Incase you weren't aware, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) have introduced new regulations that affect all retail clients. Among other changes, this includes new leverage restrictions and an automatic close out of positions where your margin falls below 50% of the amount required. The leverage available to Retail Clients on spread betting, forex and CFD products will now be capped at a maximum of 30:1 for major FX pairs, and less for other assets. 

What does this mean? You now need a lot more money to be a spread better!

Taking equities as an example, last week I could have opened a 10k trade with only a £400 margin, this week I need 2k. 

Its not all bad news however as this has forced me to do the one thing I have always resisted doing and that is to deposit the majority of my trading capital into my trading account as opposed to keeping it in my bank account and transferring it back and forth as needed. 

This will make accounting much easier. 

I thought I'd provide this update now since this is the first of August so it's a good time to psyche myself up for a good trading month. 

I've been holding back a little the last few months since hearing about the ESMA changes but now that they are behind me there is no excuse, just need to get on with it.

I'll post again at the end of the month, hopefully with a decent monthly gain!

Just remember - He Who Dares...WINS!

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So, it's been a while since I last updated this site, partly because I've been too busy and partly because nobody reads it anyway!

Trading has been a real roller coaster this year - not because of the actual market movements but because of the way the market can really mess with a persons mind.

I decided in January this year that I would trade bigger, much bigger, but this is much harder than it sounds. The stress was just too much and I was not prepared to risk money that I had worked so hard to accumulate. I needed to rethink certain parts of my trading strategy.

That's exactly what I did. 

Trading is never a static thing, a trader must be fluid just as the market is and he needs to be prepared to admit that his methods need to evolve.

My trading method suited me fine last year but this year, things in my personal life changed and my trading method needed to change to match my new state of mind (yes, your trading method needs to perfectly match your personality or else you will fail).

Things are now on an even keel and trading is superb! I'll begin adding back results as soon as this month is over, but I am roughly in the 10 to 20 percent bracket. 

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October, November and December 2017

Reporting results from here on in is difficult as trading funds are no longer static - i.e. funds are moved in and out as necessary.

One thing I can report is that I am trading with a much larger pot than ever before and next years targets are ambitious to say the least. 

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September 2017

A couple of people have emailed me asking which brokers I use - I currently use two brokers, Barclays FST account and Spread Co Spread Bet account. Both come with mobile apps too which I use all the time.

This month was disappointing, but I am ever the optimist so don't let it get me down. The good thing about being your own boss is that its easy to change things. Next month WILL be better!

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August 2017

Pretty standard month it seems - the excitement of the recent election has died down and the markets are now gearing up for the next financial storm - whatever that may be. Personally, I dont care! This is because I am a trader and not an investor. I need volatility in the markets not market growth. My trades are often short so I aim to make money whether the market moves up or down. This is one of the elements I use to keep stress levels down. Large amounts of money tied up in long trades will inevitably be hit in the next financial downturn and stressing about that will always affect your trades. I've never really made much money  on short trades but realise that shorting is a valuable tool for a trader.

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July 2017

Marginally better than last month. Seems like the market is quiet. Not good for a trader as without volatility, nobody makes any money!

The psychology of trading has more effect on a trader than I first realised. I've always believed that if you are making 10% per month on a £1000 trading account (i.e. £100), then to make £10,000 from a £100,000 trading account simply requires scaling up your trades by a factor of 100. Mathamatically this works but in reality, it is nowhere near that simple. This is because your reaction to a large loss on a small trade is different to the same percentage loss on a large trade. This is something a trader needs to overcome if he is to survive on finanacial trading alone.

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June 2017

Rubbish month due to the election. I stayed away from the markets as much as possible.

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May 2017

Finally a decent month but still not even scratching the surface of what can easily be achieved in this industry. 

I am finally beginning to settle into this and see the markets for what they really are - just a big game! There were a few moments in this last month where I had to remind myself of my domain name - He Who Dares...Wins as fear was beginning to affect trading like it can do so easily but once I put the fear aside and got back on track with my goals, the deals started rolling in.

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April 2017

What a month! I made exactly ZERO for the first three weeks of April and then all 13.68% in the first 4 days of this last week with nothing being made today.

I am happy with my trading method and I think that I should now be able to ramp things up to increase profits from here on in.

I will also be adding to my trading account every month until the end of this year so accounting will be difficult as my percentages are usually calculated based on the diifference between the balance on the last day of the month compared to the first day of the month.

That however is a minor problem.

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March 2017

A better month than the last one but I still feel I am selling myself short. Still holding back and need to work on this. 

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February 2017

Another OK month but not setting the world on fire. Pretty consistent results but in no way impressive when I know there is so much more I could take from the market. It just shows how little the banks payout on our savings. 

I think I'm getting slightly more courageous as the months go on but I really need to grab the bull by the horns and go for it! Maybe next month!!

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January 2017

Not what I was hoping for but not the worst performance either. Funny game this trading lark, its such a fine balance between managing risk and attaining profit. I could easily make much more but that would be at the expense of my trading account and my health! When I increase my risk profile my stress level seems to increase at the same rate. 

I'm confident that percentages will increase over time and the for time being I am content with beating the bank. This month, I received 10p interest on 12k thats sitting in my savings account - laughable returns so 8.2% from my trading account for the month doesn't seem so bad.

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