About Me

Hello. My name is Raj and I worked as an I.T. Support Engineer at various companies from 1999-2017. I realized my future in I.T. would be limited, especially since kids came along and time to study just disappeared. I was getting burned out after 10 hour days in the office and began to wonder how long I could continue in that line of work. The grind of being in the office everyday was wearing me out, and I decided I needed a change. I wanted to take my life and future into my own hands. I had been interested in trading for many years and I began to wonder if I could take a small amount of money and trade it with decent results..

With interest rates being on the floor, my original aim was to simply beat the banks interest payment. Five thousand pounds in my savings account was paying me a whopping £1 a month (as of July 2016). This was gonna take some beating but I was sure as hell gonna give it a go!.

So I opened up a trading account and funded it with £1000 of my hard earned money. I'd dabbled in trading a few times but never really took it seriously, but this time the lure of full time trading had taken hold.

Within a month, my £1000 had grown to £1510. That's a 50% return in one month compared to a 1% return in one year with the banks. Not too shabby!

I'll be posting results up on the blog page regularly so pop back every now and then to see how I'm doing!

So as not to sound too vulgar, I'll only mention percentages from here on in instead of actual pounds.

If you send me an email, please ensure you add hewhodareswins.com to your whitelist or my reply will end up in the spam folder

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