Month 2 Results - 45% or 34%

This is difficult to work out. Last month I grew the account by 40% but I did not withdraw that money so this month began with a larger account. So, even though I made more pounds this month than last month, the actual percentage the account grew is lower. So, it depends on how you calculate it. If I calculate it using the larger initial account size, then the percentage growth is 34%. If I withdrew the gains last month and started with the same amount this month, then the percentage growth would be 45%.

I hope that makes some sort of sense! Either way, this has been a difficult month trading. I had a week off on holiday so did not trade at all that week but that had a knock on affect the week before as I wanted to close of all positions before the holiday but it also had a knock on effect the week after the holiday as I had no stock to sell.

I'm going into October feeling very positive and determined to grow the account by more that the previous two months. Check back next month to see how I did!

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