Month 4 Results - 8%

A positive month but nowhere near the performance I expected. Trading was very thin again this month and I need to step back and analyse why I am not trading. The opportunities are there but for some unknown reason I am holding back. I truly believe that financial freedom is possible and even easy but the fear of losing can stop trading dead. If there was a way to trade like a robot without fear, the profits would be unbelievable! (I've used automated tradingin the past with limited results, even going as far as having one coded for me but I found something lacking. I realised that sitting and watching a robot trade for me took away all the excitement of trading and that excitement is what made me stick at trading).

December will be another quiet month and I will purposely not open too many positions as want to start next year with a clear head and a clear balance sheet!! The thing to note here is that even though trading is light, theoverall percentage return still blows the bank away, its amazing that banks give less than 50p interest on 10k, why on earth would you want to put your money there? Money is hard to earn in the job market so I think it’s important to get your money to work for you and return as much as possible.

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